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  1. My condolences to Carlyn, your family and Mike's, and extended family. My thoughts are with you all during this difficult time. I remember all the great stories your dad Ron would tell us in the office of your adventurous lives together and how much you both have accomplished for being so young. His memory will live on....

  2. As neighbours across the street, we watched Michael grow up as a friendly, humorous, intelligent, and motivated young man, a living example of all that is right about Canadian youth. Now, we are deeply grieved by his being snatched away from wife, family, and friends,depriving him of (as he deserved) a long, bright, and happy future. Our deepest sympathy to wife Carlyn, parents Carol & Sandy, brothers Christopher and David, sister Claire, and all other family members and friends.
    Janet & Barry Baldwin

  3. I was deeply saddened to hear of Mike's passing. Going to school with him, he had always encouraged and helped me explore the great outdoors. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends. I can only imagine the amazing and strong people he was surrounded by since his high school days.

  4. We knew Mike through his brother, David, and through pre-marital counselling for which Mike and Carlyn were part of the same group. Though my husband had met Mike previously through David, my first encounter with him was during these group pre-marital counselling sessions. He immediately struck me as an honest, gentle, kind and intelligent spirit; the type of person who always had the best intentions. We are deeply saddened to hear of his tragic passing, especially for his wife, Carlyn, who lost her husband far too soon, but also for his entire family. Mike's early passing is a huge loss, not only for his family, but for all who knew him and all who would have known him as people as thoughtful, caring and gentle as Mike are uncommon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, his family, during this difficult time.

    Bonnie and Bryan Orr

  5. I had the good fortune of chatting with Mike over breakfast and flying with him as a passenger this past summer in the Canadian High Arctic. It was clear through his professionalism, character, and most importantly the twinkle in his eye, that he was doing what he loved. When asked how he decided to become a pilot, he replied "I've always known I wanted to be a pilot. But not just a pilot, a Twin Otter pilot." Mike was excellent at what he did, and we are all indebted to him and his colleagues for their service to the scientific communities that work in our polar regions and the global community as a whole. My sincerest condolences to Mike's family.

  6. My thoughts and condolences to Mike's family, friends, and colleagues. I had the great privilege of participating in an Antarctic expedition in 2009 with Mike through Students On Ice. He was in university at the time and I was in high school. We met and were acquaintances. On board our icebreaker out of the dynamic community of students and academics, I noticed Mike's kindness, intelligence, and enthusiasm for the Antarctic. And he was so friendly. I wish we had spent more time to get to know each other better. I'll always remember him as the brilliant individual he was; so positive. Mike was the expedition spirit.

  7. Our thoughts and prayers to his new wife, parents, siblings, family and friends. We did not know Mike but wish we had the pleasure! Such a terrible loss of a kind, generous, loving and adventurous spirit.
    Williams Family - Calgary

  8. I was just a just a small blip in the life of Mike Denton. We worked together at the Calgary Flying club for a few years. Mike often worked the ramp while I worked in dispatch. I was always glad to see that he was working when I was there as I knew he would have a smile and make my job easier. Mike made an impression on me. He was so conscientious and responsible and at the same time had a great sense of humour. I myself am a parent and I remember thinking that Mike’s parents should be proud of him and they should be proud of themselves for the way they brought him up.
    Death is painful for those left behind. Take one day at a time and remember that although you will never forget Mike, that time will help to heal the pain.
    My sincerest sympathies to the family.

  9. Mike IS a light. Mike is the spirit we all try to embody.
    To say something cynical at a time such as this is not appropriate, but in the spirit of honesty anyone asked to put to paper their private thoughts must at least weigh the good against the bad to formulate their nice ideas.
    Let me start with the bad, truly the only idea I can generate is that the world has suffered a great loss of talent and pure goodness.
    On to the GOOD...
    I struggle to keep my words to a minimum and I am by far not the only one so on behalf of the many...
    Eating, sleeping, adventuring, story telling, working, and flying with Mike we’ve had Adventures 'o' plenty...
    -Stuck in the mud at Eureka
    -Stuck in the mud at North Spicer
    -Herds of Polar bears
    -Puppies, whales, icebergs and berries in Greenland -Birthday drum guns
    -“SWIMMING” in Resolute and Tanquary
    -Fishing, baby bells,
    -Cell reception in Grise Fjord
    -Northwest Passage, Franklin site, Mt Barboa, Ward Hunt, Vendom, Prince Phillip, Hans Island, “True Love”
    Mike was always happy to provide a “Did you know” not out of ego but rather from an exquisite joy of fitting the physical scrap book to the art of learning.
    He was an ideas man with the resources and skill to execute them. His positive attitude dripped off him as did his love for Carlyn and Family. To be close to the epicentre of any person for a time and feel the ripples is a learning experience. I’ve learned I wish to emulate Mike's light.
    They say that waves can go on forever, as Mike’s ripples have affected so many I believe that to be true.
    Mike IS a light, Mike IS the spirit we all try to embody!
    Most Sincerely,
    Pilot Pete on behalf of the many


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